Iconic Sport is an exciting company with a fresh take on women’s golf and active wear. They pride themselves on sun-protective performance apparel that fits, flatters and protects for golf, active sports and outdoor activities.

Iconic Sport Inc. was founded in 2005 by Leslie Chow, a longtime avid golfer and multi-sport athlete. Having lived through and benefited from the tremendous progress in performance-enhancing design and the improved style of sports apparel for biking, running, yoga, fitness and other outdoor activities, it was a mystery why women’s golf apparel had not shown similar advances in design, use of improved materials or more sophisticated style. Since this was also a mystery to all of her women golfing friends and acquaintances, who also were looking for a better fashion sense, improved fit and performance in their golf wear, Leslie decided to use her skills as a technology entrepreneur, businesswoman and engineer to create women’s golf wear to address this need.

Soon after, Leslie’s male friends and non-golfing friends asked to share in the good fortune and Iconic Sport now produces very popular Unisex UPF 50+ del Sol accessories including sun sleeves, arm warmers, leg coolers, leg warmers, sun gloves, neck-protection SunDickies™ /SunGaiter™ and other UV protection products for women, men and juniors for golf, cycling, hiking, tennis and other outdoor activities.

Iconic apparel is designed and manufactured in Northern California.

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