Speedway Splash Attack padel - Pro 4 (Black, neon)

£100.00 £150.00

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The Splash Attack Pro is a force to be reckoned with and is designed for the aggressive player seeking maximum power and precision but with control. The cutting-edge technology and innovative features will take your game to a whole new level. Designed with a 12k carbon fibre frame and a high-density EVA foam core this padel delivers explosive power and a solid feel on impact.

The Splash Attack Pro’s sweet spot is where magic happens. The optimised balance and weight distribution allow for a perfect blend of power and manoeuvrability and the sleek, vibrant graphics and eye-catching colours make a bold statement on the court.

  • 12k carbon fibre frame
  • EVA power foam core
  • 38mm thickness
  • 365g (+/- 10g) weight
  • 265mm (+/- 5mm) balance
  • Custom Splash Attack Pro case with each padel

Colour: Black with neon spash graphics

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