SLK Nexus pickleball paddle - Blue


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Ok, so  you've just discovered this new game called pickleball.  We've all been there.  Now you want to find a starter paddle to start your pickleball journey and want a paddle that will work for you.  This one is the best starter dinking bat going.  We have sold lots of these, from which customers have returned to buy their next paddle based on whether they want power, control or just a new paddle in a different colour 😁

  • Classic shape
  • Power paddle
  • Weight: 218-232g (7.7-8.2oz)
  • Paddle Face: G4 Fiberglass Face with SpinFlex Textured Surface
  • Core: 13mm SX4 Polymer Core
  • Core thickness: 33cm (13")
  • Paddle length: 40cm (15.7")
  • Paddle width: 20cm (7.85")
  • Grip length 12cm (4.85")
  • Grip circumference: 10.8cm (4.25"
  • Grip style: SLK Ultra-Comfort Grip
  • Suitable for all court surfaces

Colour: Blue

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