Selkirk Evo Control 2.0 Max pickleball paddle - Blue

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Control does what is says on the paddle.  More control than power.  This is what the coach is always talking when he says don't use too much power when it's not needed.  This paddle has the same spin qualities so great for those dinks in kitchen (or NVZ).  Give it a go (we have demos available, just give us a call or email).

The SLK Evo Control 2.0 comes in two different shapes. Choose between the Max shape for the most surface area and sweet spot, and the XL shape for extra length and power.

  • Classic shape
  • Power paddle
  • Weight: 218-232g (7.6-8.2oz)
  • Paddle Face: G9 Power Carbon Fiber
  • Core: 16mm Rev-Control Polymer Core
  • Core thickness: 33cm (13")
  • Paddle length: 41cm (16")
  • Paddle width: 20cm (7.85")
  • Grip length 12cm (4.85")
  • Grip circumference: 10.8cm (4.25"
  • Grip style: SLK Ultra-Comfort Grip
  • Suitable for all court surfaces

There is also a longer version of this paddle, the XL.  Click here to view.

Colour: Blue

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