Provide a great sportswear offer for your ladies

On our travels to golf clubs around the region, we were hearing the same conversation repeated over and over. 


It starts with "we want to offer our ladies a good choice of clothing but..."

... I can't offer the wide choice needed within our budget

... I can't offer the size runs needed within our budget

... I know nothing about ladies clothes

... the ladies view the collection when it arrives then don't look much after that

... I get stuck with pieces and can't shift them

... I can't afford to tie up capital in clothing that isn't going to move

... I've tried everything and it doesn't seem to work

... we no longer want that risk, what other options are there?


Does this sound familiar?


If you have a shop and you're looking for a different way of providing clothing and accessories for the ladies in your club, why not contact us and see how we can help? We can adapt the model to suit the needs of you/your club/your ladies.


We can provide and manage a fabulous clothing offer for your ladies, giving you:

... no headaches from managing the stock

... no capital outlay and no risk associated with keeping/managing stock

... a steady income from a commission based on sales - no outlay, no risk

... enough choice and size runs throughout the year to keep your ladies happy

... regularly changing clothing collections throughout the year

... choice of several brands (mixes) to suit your ladies preferences

... speedy and easy restock / ordering process 


 There are several options available so get in touch and we can chat about what may work best for you. Either fill in the form below or contact us on:

Lou 07828 190935   Les 07850 125257



We're currently working with the following clubs (who will happily be a reference):

Wortley Golf Club

Fulford Golf Club

Alwoodley Golf Club

Moor Allerton Golf Club

Garforth Golf Club

Headingley Golf Club

Cottingham Parks Golf & Leisure Club

Skidby Lakes Golf Club

Otley Golf Club

Hinckley Golf Club

Meltham Golf Club

Selby Golf Club